Tanaz Assefi art exhibition

New art exhibition for March & April by Tanaz Assefi, Iranian Fine Artist & Painter.

New art exhibition now on display running throughout March and April 2022 by Tanaz Assefi, Iranian Fine Artist & Painter.

“My greatest passion is the ‘art of expression’ on canvas using my chosen materials, be it pencil, paint, collage or physical making.”
Tanaz was born and raised in Iran, a land of contradictions where deserts and forests are a few miles apart; a land of snow covered mountains and green valleys where palm trees and apple trees grow only a few miles apart from one another. The extraordinary geographical and historical conditions have deeply influenced its culture and people.

Traditions and ceremonies are intertwined with an exotic blend of symbolism and metaphoric language; which is visible in our literature, art and handicrafts…

“…this is my heritage and a part of my being. As an artist, I have always been in search of a relationship between the mysterious and symbolic world of ideas and allegories which take place in mythology, poetry and dreams.”

Tanaz Assefi’s art is mainly based on her visual dream diaries which she’s been keeping for a number of years; where she expresses her inner self, dreams, memories and reflections.
Tanaz has a studio at Thames Side Studios, an artist community located next to the Thames Barrier.