Artist Commission

We’re delighted to announce the commission of two sculptures by local artists for display on the outside of the building.

ARTIST COMMISSION – Submissions Invited

Mycenae House is delighted to announce the commission of two sculptures by local artists for permanent display on the outside of its building in Blackheath.

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Submissions by locally based and/or locally working artists are now invited until 19th July 2021. Artists are invited to submit initial ideas in the way of sketches and by also providing photographs of previous work along with biographical information.

Each artists submission will be considered by a panel of three people including the CEO of Mycenae House, a member of the funder’s family and a commissioning advisor. We are looking for two discrete designs to make weather resistant artworks that will sit within slim architectural coves – see photographs below.

The combined budget for the commission is £2500 in total, including delivery and installation.

Following a legacy gift given by a supporter of Mycenae House, we wish to enhance the outside of building with original artworks. Mycenae House was built as a convent in the 1930’s and two statues of the Virgin Mary filled the architectural coves at the front and rear of the house. In 1964 the convent was closed and both sculptures were removed from the coves which have lain empty ever since. This generous funding is allowing us to fulfil a long-held desire to return the coves to their original purpose of housing sculptures that reflect the building and its function as a community space for all.  We wish for artists to have the freedom to respond to this artistic challenge as they choose, however we do not wish to commission sculptures that reflect its religious history.

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